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Bass.Code Beatdown: ¥oin


    ¥oin- Tired Of Me 


    That track above is a fucking masterpiece if you havent heard it before.  Tuff Wax, also the home of Grobbie, has been one of my recent favorites for interesting sounds recently.  They have a wide range of styles that come out of the label, but these two our the favourite thus far.  He really hasn't gotten any press, aside from looks from Dummy and Xlr8r for his tune Marital Status, which put him on the map after being included in Machinedrum's XFM mix for Mary Anne Hobbs which was also the mix that got Krampfhaft famous too.  A quality mix there, those XFM sets really deliver the goods.  Like *cough* addison fuckin groove *cough* for example.  But I digress, let me just hyperlink more tasty riddims like this one that I played in my etuesday set a little while ago.  Im sure its useless to keep feeding you tunes, I can't imagine that youre still reading this by now and that the first tune was as far as you got, now you're buying the shit out of his release.  Theres really not much else to say, ¥oin's exposure is so small that I can't even figure out his real name.  But thats the beauty of the beatdown, pushing along the unexposed so they can find their fanbase, and more people can hear incredible music.  Go now, get on the message boards and make this motherfucker famous!!.



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